Case Study

Harvesting Energy From Sunlight

GMR Group is an infrastructural company headquartered in New Delhi. The Group has implemented several infrastructure projects in India and was involved in the expansion and modernisation of Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi. As a responsible unit, the Company has undertaken a green initiative and thought of developing 2MWp Solar PV Plant at Cargo Terminal of IGI Airport.

Due to our wide-ranging experience in the Indian Solar Energy sector, Harsha Abakus Solar was selected as a preferred EPC Partner for this Project by GMR. The plant got commissioned on 24th February 2017 and has produced 26,96,940 units in the first year of successful operation.

A similar kind of Project was awarded to Celebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Management India Pvt. Ltd. by Delhi International Airport Ltd. (DIAL), the operator of the IGI Airport, New Delhi, to develop, modernize, and finance the existing cargo terminal and to operate the terminal for a period of twenty-five years. Celebi has partnered with SunSource Energy to solarize its facility and thereby reduce the impact of its operation on environment. SunSource Energy has signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Celebi Delhi Cargo Terminal for 25 years.

As, Harsha Abakus Solar Division have a same experience of setting up of 2MWp Solar Project for GMR, SunSource Energy selected Harsha Abakus Solar Division to set up 1.72 MWp Rooftop Solar PV Plant at IGI, Airport & this plant got successfully commissioned on 5th May 2019.

Facts of the Project

GMR & Celebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Management India Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi is one of kind projects by Harsha Abakus Solar Division as it has answered the challenges in construction, design and many more aspects in a unique way. The team identified a few key challenges during its site visit to the client location. After assessing the site with the Engineering team and taking in account the area capacity and other parameters, following were the obstacles identified by the team.


Engineering & Design Challenges
Due to high reflection surface of the modules, glaring effect was being created. The contemporary design of the solar panels ensure that the glare of the sun is not reflected, thus avoiding any visibility intrusions in aircraft operations. Also, due to multiple Orientations of site, Generation & Losses Optimization was difficult.

Project Construction Specific Challenges
Multiple Roof Orientation Installation of 30-degree slope system made was difficult.
Certain pockets at construction site were more challenging than the rest due to airport Work Permits, EHS challenges.
Since it was project at high security and stringent rules, lots of permissions were required which was slowing down the pace of site execution.

Benefits of The solution Implemented

The key benefits derived out of the solar plant installed are:
2MWp GMR Solar PV Plant generated 69.8 Lacs units in 2.5 years of successful operation and will generate 633.4 Lacs units in the span of 25 years.
Through the plant installed, Celebi Delhi Cargo Terminal meets 7% of its total electricity requirements and thus has been able to reduce the impact of its operation on the environment.



2 MWp – GMR
1.72 MWp – Sunsource (Celebi)

Project Location

Cargo Terminal, IGI Airport, Delhi

Type of Plant

Roof top solar plant

Technical Details - GMR

PV Modules: 325 Wp (6160 Nos)
Inverters: 50 kW (35 Nos)

Technical Details - SunSource

PV Modules: 340 Wp (3933 Nos) & 345 Wp (1121 Nos)
Inverters: 60 kW (23 Nos)

Annual Generation – GMR

26,96,940 kWh

Estimated Annual Generation – SunSource (Celebi)

24,24,800 kWh

Green Electricity Production Over The System’s Lifetime

6,33,41,671 kWh - GMR
5,55,01,069 kWh - SunSource

Avoided CO2 Emissions Over The System’s Lifetime

6,16,31,446 Metric Tonnes - GMR
5,40,02,540 Metric Tonnes – SunSource (Celebi)